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On the (our) bookshelf

When you see a book you’d like, click the link and it will bring you to Amazon. If you purchase the book through this link you will help support our mission work in Uganda! Read with a purpose and support us!

Charity and poverty alleviation:


Toxic Charity


Giving Wisely


When Helping Hurts


When Helping Hurts Video based study for small groups


White Man’s Burden


Travesty In Haiti 


Poverty Inc (movie)


Living on One Dollar (movie)


Walking with the Poor


Hope Lives


Having People Having Heart 

Business, leadership and mission:


Business by the Book


Tent Making


Business for the Glory of God


Business for Transformation


Business as Mission


Why Business Matters to God


Leading for the Sandbox


Deep Influence  


How then Should We Work


The Gospel at Work


Give us Credit


A Billion Bootstraps


A Fistful of Rice


The Blue Sweater


My Business My Mission

African study:

African Friends and Money Matters

Africa; Altered States, Ordinary Miracles

Dreams and Visions (Muslims’ Journey to Jesus)


Miraculous Movements


The State of Africa


The Quran


Let’s Build Our Lives Together


The Father Glorified (global)


A Good African Story


Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda


Girl Solider


Kisses from Katie


A Long Way Home: Memoirs of a boy solider


Things Fall Apart  


Cross cultural team building or partnership:


Cross-Cultural Servanthood


Cross Cultural Partnerships


From Foreign to Familiar


One Mission to Africa


Church, personal and family mission:


Serving as Senders:


Borderless Church


Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission


Revolution in World Missions


The Father Glorified


Story Thru the Bible


Seeing God

The Mission Minded Family

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