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Support a B.A.S.I.C. project


The B.A.S.I.C program was created to address the needs of those who are living in extreme poverty where our business training is not relevant. Our desire is to always help in culturally relevant ways that honors both God and those we serve, and we think B.A.S.I.C is a good solution. Each year we will select a few students for this program. Our Ekisinga graduates who have gone through the Teacher Training Program run all projects. They teach, mentor, disciple and care for the students in a very holistic way addressing not only business but, the mind, body and spirit throughout the year long program.


Unlike Ekisinga Business classes these students cannot afford to pay for their training, we need support from folks like you to provide for teacher’s wages, transportation and resources to help our students with a business startup. To partner with us or learn more about this program please contact us.

Basic project

Support our Safe-water effort

Safe Water

We currently are seeking capital to purchase a mobile water testing kit.

We are also seeking capital to install 5 residential water kiosks in 2021.  These kiosks not only will supply clean water, but will provide manufacturing and installation & support jobs.



Steve & Debbie

Your support is the only way our ministry can exist.  We have seen a decrease in our support since the Covid pandemic.  

Every donation counts!  Whether you can donate one-time or become a monthly supporter, we covet your donation.

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