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Ekisinga Dolls

Ekisinga Ministries is excited to share with you the history and culture of Uganda through Ekisinga Dolls. Our dolls are a foundation of sustainability for community development, business empowerment, employment for women, local artisans, authors, and craftsmen. All joining together to bring you the highest quality and most uniquely made dolls in East Africa


Each Ekisinga Doll comes from a different tribe to appreciate the uniqueness of God’s people in Uganda. Each doll comes with a traditional and a casual outfit, toy, accessories and backpack/baby carrier to authentically depict life in Uganda. 


Supporting us means putting a smile on a child’s face in Uganda. By purchasing a doll, a child in Uganda also receives a doll.


Ekisinga; building a better future through best business practices.

The Dolls below are only available in the US

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